One of the most challenging skill sets we need to learn as leaders is the art of giving, and receiving, feedback. It doesn’t HAVE to be hard, but we don’t often learn how to do it well, we don’t like practicing, and we hope we can get by without it.

The upside is that we have SO much opportunity here. We have the chance to show our teams that we really care about them. That our expectations are high and that we know they can meet them. That we respect them enough to be open and honest, even when it is hard.


The Feedback Handbook is full of tools you can add to your leadership tool kit to give effective feedback as well as how to ask for (and actually receive) the specific feedback you need to better your own work.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Here in support, and cheers to great leadership!

Much love,

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How do you create belonging at work?

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