Author’s note: Sometimes when I am feeling stuck on the other creative work I ought to be doing, I write poems instead. I’ve decided to start publishing them here too. Enjoy. – KR


Most people are too confused to know what they really want or need

And too busy to notice when it is right in front of them

Instead of measuring things against usefulness, wonder or joy they bring

We measure versus our expectations, which are nearly always wrong

(We would fire anyone else who was that bad at measuring)


If we have expectations that often go unmet

Sooner or later, we may want to conclude that we have less control than we thought

So that we may feel lighter


I often consider every detail of my day

As though I am lifting it up to look at it in the light at every angle

Leaving no stone unturned (is this living in the moment?)

This is actually a lot of work

And so, I pinball between everything matters and nothing

Because sometimes I zoom out and remember

We are all just specks of dust on a spinning ball

Surely someone is watching me from a far wondering why that tiny ant seems to be running herself into a tizzy

That one must be unwell, they say

So, which is it?

Everything or nothing?

I cannot decide

If you find out please let me know

If it is indeed all useless, I’d like to stop

And rest


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