I don’t hate meetings. On the contrary, I love a well-designed, effectual meeting. It’s the ineffective meetings that really grind my gears.

The effectiveness of meetings can go south for a lot of different reasons. Chances are your ineffective meetings are victim to several key detractors I mention in this guide. And the good news is it is completely fixable.



Check out my new, comprehensive guide that has ten, no, twelve (!) tools you can use to build better meetings. Each one can get you a little closer to meetings that feel incredibly effective and useful.

Stop wasting the valuable in-person time you have with your team and use it to the fullest potential! You will be so glad you did (and your team will be too).


Sending love, understanding and belonging,

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How do you create belonging at work?

We go to work for more than a paycheck, we go for a sense of belonging. So what does belonging look like? Get the Belonging Resource Guide to learn new ideas on how individuals, leaders, and organizations can help people feel safe, loved and whole at work.

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